International Association of Educators   |  ISSN: 1949-4270   |  e-ISSN: 1949-4289

Volume 9 Issue 1 (January 2014)

Original Articles

Educational Policies of the Political Parties in Turkey

Erdal Toprakci & Aysun Akcay Gungor

pp. 5 - 35


The aim of this research is to analyze the party programs of 15 political parties which have participated in the general election of 2011 on the basis of their educational policies. Document analyzing technique from qualitative research designs is used at this study. Data sources of the study consist of education programs of parties which have participated in the general election of 2011. Content analysis is used for data analysis.

Keywords: Educational policy, political party program, educational administration, educational supervision, educational planning and education economy

An Investigation on the Individual Value Preferences of Teacher Candidates at an Art and Craft Teaching Department: The Case Of Ataturk Education Faculty

Sehnaz Yalcin Wells

pp. 36 - 53


The aim of this research is to examine the relational analysis of gender and class parameters in the value preferences of students studying at the Division of Art and Craft Education in Marmara University. Relational scanning model was used as the method of the research. The research is based on first and fourth grade students studying at the Marmara University Ataturk Education Faculty Fine Arts Education Art and Craft Department. This research was carried out during the 2012-2013 academic year. 148 students studying in eight main arts workshops in the branch of painting teachers were taken as the sample group. Data gained during the research was collected using the Schwartz Values Theory measurement. Research findings indicate that achievement, benevolence and security sub-dimensions of the measurement show significant differences according to gender differences. This difference is in favor of female students with them geting higher scores in the achievement, benevolence and security sub-dimensions of the measurement.

Keywords: Values, value ranking, demographic qualities

The Role and Importance of Fine Arts Education in Public Education Centers within the Scope of Adult Education in Turkey

Enver Yolcu

pp. 54 - 78


Adult education is considered as a part of non-formal education in Turkey, and its aims, scope and practices have been bound by legislation and regulation. Public Education Centers (HEM) that offer general and private classes on several issues and education institutions for various professions provide adult education and non-formal education. Adult education and non-formal education offers education opportunities to people who never had a chance to be a part of the public education system or who started but later dropped out of school. Most of the non-formal education activities are carried out by the Ministry of National Education at HEMs. HEMs were initiated in 1953 and begun spreading in 1956 with the aims of solving the literacy problem which was common back then, spreading the Turkish national culture, and adopting republican ideals and Ataturk's principles as a part of popular campaigns promoted by the young Turkish Republic. The total number of HEMs in Turkey reached 969 today, where modular education model is applied through "Professional and Technical" and "General" education programs. In this scope, there are modular education programs for fine arts education in the "Graphics and Photography" and "Art and Design" fields. This research tries to collect data by accessing literature on the types, goals and education conditions of fine arts education in HEMs that are a part of the mass education in Turkey.

Keywords: Art, Fine Arts, Mass Education, Adult Education, Public Education