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Educational Policy Analysis and Strategic Research 2019, Vol. 14(1) 0-0

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A Gateway to Integration: a Study of American Families and their International Visitors

Kate Hellmann, Rachel Miyazaki, Daniela Miranda & Tricia Fiscus
Volume 11 Issue 1

Integrated Teaching: Boon or a Bane?!

Sushma R Kotian, Antony Sylvan D Souza, Nandini P Bhat, Anne D Souza & Mamatha Hosapatna
Volume 11 Issue 1

School on Cloud: Transforming Education

Kostis C. Koutsopoulos & Panos Papoutsis
Volume 11 Issue 1

The Technology Leadership Competencies of Elementary and Secondary School Directors

Alper Yorulmaz & Süleyman Can
Volume 11 Issue 1

Finding Clarity in Teaching: One Teacher’s Struggle

Sam Roberson
Volume 12 Issue 1

Changing Society, Changing Humanity: Freirian Goals of Education

Cristobal Madero
Volume 12 Issue 1

Why Educational Standards Are Not Truly Objective

Matthew Metzgar
Volume 10 Issue 1

Aristeia Leadership: A Catalyst for the i2Flex Methodology

Stefanos Gialamas & Maria D. Avgerinou
Volume 10 Issue 1

Critical Pedagogy and Materials Development; Content Selection and Gradation

Ali Rahimi, Ali Kushki, Ehsan Ansaripour & Ardeshir Maki
Volume 10 Issue 1

The Effect of Modeling Based Science Education on Critical Thinking

Kaan BATI & Fitnat KAPTAN
Volume 10 Issue 1